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The Full Story

I had all these empty rooms. I raised my babies and now they were on their own, doing what
we had trained them to do. Now what to do with this empty house! My ideas were endless,
but where to start? First things first, I needed to deal with all the things my kids had left. Why
am I their storage space? My vision for these empty rooms is not a free storage facility for my
adult children. With a vision in place and a committed date on the calendar, I faced the
mountain of memorabilia clutter, leftover uniforms, trophies, knick knacks, certificates, etc.
After sorting, purging, collecting, and organizing I found the floor; I don’t remember that
carpet!  Four containers bought and each kid received their own collection of 22 years of
memories, and a kiss on the cheek. I communicated they can do what they want with it because
it is now in their charge and their possession. How freeing that was for me. I have all the
memories in my heart. I didn’t need to keep their stuff.
Our 2 nd floor has totally been renovated to fit my husband and my needs for a huge master
closet, larger master bedroom, my office and two guest rooms. A refresh into the new empty
nester life. The rested nest, we like to call it.

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