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We specialize in decluttering and optimizing spaces for empty nesters. From kitchens to sheds, we'll transform your home and provide stress-free moving support, handling packing and unpacking for a smoother transition.

Serving Dayton, Ohio and Surrounding Areas


Contact us to schedule a consultation and begin your journey to a clutter-free home.

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Jill Basler, Professional Organizer

I had all these empty rooms. I raised my babies and now they were on their own, doing what
we had trained them to do. Now what to do with this empty house! My ideas were endless,
but where to start? First things first, I needed to deal with all the things my kids had left. Why
am I their storage space? My vision for these empty rooms....


No Matter The Need We Are Here To Transform Your Home

We can put that sparkle back into your space.

The Yacht



48 Hours of Organization

Up to 4 spaces

Shopping services provided at no extra cost

Signature Handwritten Chalkboard Labels

Full service donation and discard

Polished look

Add on hourly until completion

Paints, liquids, tires & large items disposed at add'l cost

The Life Boat



24 Hours of Organization

Up to 3 spaces

Product recommendations given during session time, shopping

Signature Handwritten Chalkboard Labels

One truckload of donations & recyclables taken at end of the project

Finished look

Add on hourly until completion


The Tug Boat



12 Hours of Organization

1-2 Related Spaces

Product Recommendation

Basic label tape

Carload of donations taken at end of project

Functional look

Add on hourly until completion


Most Popular!

Looking for Moving Services? (i.e, Decluttering, Packing, Unpacking)

The Process Of



Our efficient team approach is unique and can be incorporated into any type of home. Our first step is helping you make decisions about what stays and what goes. Don't want to deal with figuring out where to take stuff? We've got you covered by hauling away your donations and trash the same day.


The second step is creating a place that makes sense for the things you are keeping. Organizing includes both zoning and categorizing... the home and the family of each item. We direct you on ideas that work for how you already live your life, without adding extra steps to your day, but making it easier instead.


We work together to not only declutter and organize, but set up systems with products that can be easily maintained for years to come. We eliminate the guesswork by asking the right questions so you have an easy-to-maintain flow, even if you have visitors in the home.


We will add any product that you have purchased or any product that you would like to reuse and provide appropriate labels. We'll incorporate any product you've bought or wish to reuse, ensuring to apply suitable labels. Additionally, we'll make any necessary refinements to finalize your new system.


Nicole M.

“I have known Jill pretty much my whole life. She has always been the queen of organization! She is amazing! What a perfect business for her!”

Pat R.

 Jill has been a life-line to me, personally, in a project of huge dimension and details. She transforms with excellence organizing everything from concentrated, specialized projects to humongous hoarding dilemmas.Jill’s integrity, readiness, resourcefulness, and abilities make her an excellent choice to help you Just Be Organized!”

Meredith P.

“Jill is wonderful and exactly what I was looking for to help me manage our household. She is dependable, flexible, energetic, proactive, and up for any task. I highly recommend her to help your household run a little smoother. She knows what needs to be done and does it!”

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