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Jill Basler, Professional Organizer

Jill Basler is the Owner and Operator of Just Be Organized which guides people to reach their organizational goals. Her mission is to help people deal with clutter and disorganization. She focuses on minimizing clutter and creating simple, efficient space in homes and offices.


She is a wife of a retired major and nurse, Mike, from the U.S. Air Force and a mother of 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren. During their many moves living in small military housing both stateside and overseas, she learned on-the-job training and “must have” organizational skills. She has helped people get control of their clutter and space since 2002, but officially started Just Be Organized in 2017.


Jill has an Associate Degree in Business Management from Sinclair Community College.



My services includes

·     Declutter, all areas of the home, garage, shed


·     Organize, all areas of the home, garage, shed


·     Unpacking and organizing


·     Organizing and packing holiday décor


·     Paper Management


·     Freeing up space and/or reorganizing household            items for Empty Nesters and following the loss of a        loved one


·      Sorting/removal of unwanted items to discard or             donate



“Jill is an amazing champion of clutter-busting!!! Her personal zeal for life and focused energy translate very well into coming alongside of someone needing assistance with organizing. Jill’s people skills and clear communication make meeting her and sharing with her very easy. She is quick to perceive the various factors that makeup each situation and is able to respectfully and effectively relate to the person needing help."

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I offer several options to help people achieve a clutter-free, space-efficient home.













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Just Be Organized focuses on minimizing clutter and creating a space efficient home or office.

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