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Jodi B.

I cannot recommend Just Be Organized highly enough! I am working from home these days, and my office had gotten completely out of control. I never have time to create a system of organization, let alone keep up with it. My floor was a mess with piles of paper, mementos, cards, you name it! Jill worked tirelessly with me to create a system that I could use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to be able to keep everything in its place. She was able to help me know when to let something go, and what was important for me to keep. Her skills are amazing! And to top it off, she’s extremely pleasant to work with. I plan to have her back again to attack another room in my home when I can find the time!

Pat J.

“Jill is an amazing champion of clutter-busting!!! Her personal zeal for life and focused energy translate very well into coming alongside of someone needing assistance with organizing. Jill’s people skills and clear communication make meeting her and sharing with her very easy. She is quick to perceive the various factors that makeup each situation and is able to respectfully and effectively relate to the person needing help.

Nicole M.

“I have known Jill pretty much my whole life. She has always been the queen of organization! She is amazing! What a perfect business for her!”

Debbie G.

“Jill was amazing! Very personable, helpful and nonjudgmental which was my worst worry going into this decluterring project. I’m so glad I found her! Will definitely call on her again!”

Meredith P.

“Jill is wonderful and exactly what I was looking for to help me manage our household. She is dependable, flexible, energetic, proactive, and up for any task. I highly recommend her to help your household run a little smoother. She knows what needs to be done and does it!”

Luanne S.

“Such great ideas for organizing stuff!”

Cathy B.

“Jill helped me declutter and organize areas of my house that I never would have done on my own. For me, less stuff means less stress!”

Abigail C.

“What a relief!!! She did a great job!!”

Lesley H.

“Jill was a great help to me. She is very organized and knows exactly how to tackle the job no matter how big or small. I highly recommend her!”

Shannon H.

For a very long time I expected to declutter and organize a few rooms and my garage. I was sure I could do it myself, and I probably could have, but having Jill's focus and expertise made the projects go much faster and better than any work I could have done alone. I am now a repeat customer of Just Be Organized, and all three visits were productive and finished with a completed room/project. My Christmas decorations have never been stored more efficiently! I can use my spare bedroom as a spare bedroom! My 2 car garage can hold 2 cars! Paper piles - gone! Jill was so great to work with and I look forward to one final room to be cleared and organized with her expert guidance. I highly recommend Jill for any organization job that you have been postponing because it is something you'll get to "next weekend". Commit with Jill and the weight will be lifted sooner rather than later!

Ashley R.

I reached out to Jill for so many personal reasons. I realized that in order to live the life that I desired, I needed someone to be with me to help me get there. Someone with driving support, an encouraging coach mentality, logic and reasoning, an empathetic heart and sheer determination. I knew I needed someone to keep me focused on what’s really important to ME and nobody else. Someone that would “hold my hand” through it all  because yeah, I feel like a scared little kid at times when I’m faced with big scary issues-I think we’ve all been there! Maybe? Anyways, I knew I needed someone like Jill. She absolutely rocked it with me. She helped me figure out what my personal organizing style is (um, that was liberating) and we faced some of the bigger issues that have been haunting me in my place. I was able to make peace with items easier than I thought and have since felt lighter. The way we put things together makes sense to me in a unique way that may not make sense to someone like my sister who is a very detail oriented organizer with little boxes everywhere. I appreciate that my personality, lifestyle, work and passion were all taken into consideration when figuring out how to get things flowing in a nice flowey flow. It was a simple process, really. Just not simple to start when you’re only one person and overwhelmingly terrified of the avoided dark piles or caves of…..stuff. 


My home isn’t 100% where I want it yet, but I didn’t expect that from our 8 hours working together. What I hoped was to gain the courage to start, the knowledge to keep going and the satisfaction to never stop. I have certainly kept going since our time together and it feels GREAT. I’m very happy to express my gratitude for Jill. 


Thank you for providing me with a service that I’ll be utilizing for years to come and of course for the beautiful open conversations. 

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