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I Can't Believe I Did This!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

April 10, 2023

Last year my husband and I took down our two hummingbird feeders due to the approaching winter season.

After seeing some humming bird feeders out when we were running errands in

Beavercreek and Dayton, my husband said we needed to get our hummingbird feeders out.

The next day he began to look for the feeders-first in the garage, then to the shed, and then to our storage area in the basement. He couldn’t find them anywhere. They are the nice glass, decorative ones so I didn’t put them on a shelf in the garage at the end of last season.

I began to think about where I stored them. I remembered putting them in something, but what was it?? This is not a good example of a professional organizer (P.O.)

I made my way to the basement and began looking on the shelves. I noticed an Amazon box on the top shelf. As I grabbed the box, I could hear the glass clinking together. Sure enough, Oh my Lanta, there they were! My husband joined me in the basement and was a bit frustrated as he proceeded to tell me that he had spent an hour looking for them!

I laugh as I write this. I tout saving time and money to my clients when my poor husband spent an hour of his time that he will never get back looking for hummingbird feeders that I hid away accidentally for the season. Literally, ‘hid’ away.

He first looked in the garage which makes great sense. The garage is right next to the back porch which is where the hummingbird feeders will live spring, summer, and fall. Why not put them on the shelf in the garage?

Next, I stored them in an Amazon box and didn’t label the box. I got lazy and thought I would remember where they were. NOT!

At the end of the fall season, they will be stored in an appropriate container which is sealed with a clearly, marked label.

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