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Just Start

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

As I was cleaning the shower this morning, I was thinking about what I would blog about. I have

made a goal to write something once a week. I am not a writer. Writing is a task that I feel that

I am not very good at and I actually dread it. But how can I tell my clients to walk in the new,

let go of the old and walk in a new mindset if I am not willing to do this myself? I am practicing

what I preach. When I was a child/teen, I took 7 years of piano. If I sat down at the piano now,

you couldn’t tell that I had taken 7 years of piano!

Anyway, one of the sayings of my teacher

Mrs. Sutton would say, “Practice makes perfect.” I was supposed to practice every day for at

least 30 mins.

So here I am “practicing my writing”. It is January and most have made new year resolution. I

encourage you to make your resolution, goal or vision for this year manageable. I have made

mine a manageable goal. I am going to write a paragraph a week. I will do it because I want to

and strive to get better at writing. “Practice makes perfect” is going through my head!

So get going on that resolution/goal/dream and just start. You know starting is half the battle.

I was cleaning my bathroom and halfway through while I was in the shower cleaning it, my

thoughts began on writing and so I ran into my office to type this out. Boy, this is rough, but I

started. What do you need to start this year to make that dream/goal/vision a reality? It is

baby steps. Do the next right thing. You can do it. God bless you for reading this, ha!

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