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Everything Has Its Place

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

By Jill Basler with Just Be Organized

Everything Has Its Place

By Jill Basler with Just Be Organized

"Everything has its place." That is what my mother taught me and I inherited that gene which is the foundation of my passion for organizing. Some people may not have had the same experience. However, organizational skills are attainable. It starts within, and it may require a mind shift. We empower the thoughts we agree with, and those thoughts lead to behaviors. If you continually think you are disorganized, you will be. If you shift your mind, you can become the organized person you want to be.

There are many ways to become organized: hire an organizer, find books by organizers, connect with organizers online, and watch Facebook and YouTube videos. One tip you will hear most is to start small. Start by organizing one drawer at a time then move to the next one. Then move to the closet, floor, and desk. Working smaller sections makes the entire task not seem so daunting. Before you know it, you have one room completely organized.

When I de-clutter, I ask myself these questions. Does this item match the image I want to convey? What is the worst that would happen if I let go of this? Would I replace this if it were missing? Can I find this information or item somewhere else? Does this help me reach my goals? To avoid attaining clutter, I count the cost before every purchase. How many hours will I have to work to pay for it and where will I store it? Finally, I ask myself, Do I really need it or do I just want it?

Organization benefits your finances, time, and life. You save money by only buying what you need. As I work with my clients, they see duplicate items. The item didn’t have a "place" so the client forgot they had it and; therefore, they bought it again. Also, time is precious; no one wants to spend it searching for lost items. Dave Ramsey says if you don't name your money, you will spend it "somewhere." I have a similar philosophy for space and possessions. If you don't have a place for possessions, they will end up "everywhere," and when you need something, you will not be able to find it. Finally, we all need a simpler life. Our world is chaotic, stressful, and busy. Our home should feel safe and be a place of peace and rest. You can have that by having an organized home with everything in its place.

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